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Welcome to the Virtual Architects Support Wiki

:!: Please note this site is pretty much always under construction and more of the content will be made available over time.

Virtual Architects LLC, does the datacenter-based hosting side of our business. VA maintains several highly-available computing clusters in the new Involta datacenter in Tucson, AZ. VA hosts PBXs, servers (Windows, Linux) and desktops in addition to hosted services such as web sites, storage, messaging (Zimbra, Exchange, POP/IMAP) and more.

Our parent company, Sonora Communications, Inc. was established in 1994. We primarily sell and support voice and computing technology as well as various types of communications circuits.

This wiki serves these purposes primarily:

  • Support for VA hosting customers
  • Support of IP telephony technology
  • Support of computing technology

Please see the site index to browse or use the search feature above to find what you are looking for.

Thank you for visiting our wiki! We encourage suggestions from anyone regarding errors, updates, omissions and the like.
Please contact us via e-mail or voice with any questions, problems or issues.
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